A lot of the people we work with never thought they’d see their book in Print.  It used to be the case that the cost was so prohibitive it was only possible if you could get a deal with a large publishing house, or you had a lot of money and could print your own book.  The latter option was known as ‘Vanity publishing’ and authors following the route were looked down upon.

Thank’s to modern technology everyone can now have their own work published, and that’s what HLS Publishing is all about. Taking your prized work and publishing it on Kindle or in print for you.

Whether you’re a business writer, a novelist or a poet we are here to guide you through the minefield of publishing and to do all the hard work for you, well after writing the book that is!

Helen has several of her own books published both on-line and in print so understands exactly how it feels for the author.  We look forward to helping you celebrate the feeling you get when you hold your own book in your hand!